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dindu jujitsu 3 months
Does Boris believe Trump is inept? If not, then why should Boris defend this ambassador?

Dave 3 months
Boris! Why aren't you defending the ambassador so we can say you hate America too and stop you from taking office?!

Hannibal 3 months
Why would anyone defend such a stupid gaffe, especially from an ambassador? Is this the closest Labour and the Guardian can get to nationalism?

Jus Saying 3 months
I wonder if he owns a comb?
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
Maybe they should’ve spent the last three years researching that instead of Russiagate.

The Masta 3 months
UK politics is looking like USA circus more and more

Knights Templar 3 months
The disgraced ambassador opened his mouth and got slapped. Fuck him.