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Trump to Hold News Conference on 2020 Census, Citizenship Question

Trump to Hold News Conference on 2020 Census, Citizenship Question

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced he will hold a press conference to discuss the 2020 Census and the potential addition of a controversial citizenship question. The conference is set to be held at 3:45 EDT. The case for adding the question to the Census has been a drawn-out legal struggle, with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against the president’s attempt to add it just last month.

EightBall 1 year

Please explain to me why we wouldn't want to know the status of each resident? Seems like it is not an unreasonable request and should not be looked down upon negatively.

William Cook
William Cook 1 year

If illegal immigrants are allowed to disobey the law, than every Republican who fills out the census should lie and add 20 family members to their census form to counteract the Democrats and their evil plan to create a permanent Democratic dictatorship using illegal immigrants. start fighting back. Start disobeying the rules like they are. Start fighting dirty like they do

Highlander 1 year

Why the hell is this even seen as a controversial decision. Surely it is the right of every voting American to know how many illegals are actually in the country they pay taxes into. How can you make any kind of informed decision on who to vote for in 2020 depending on the candidate's stance on immigration. There are many reasons to ask this question including election integrity and absolutely zero legitimate reasons not to. It is not a 'racist' question because it only distinguishes between who a citizen and who isn't without asking where in the world the none citizen is from. Don't let the Dems con you onto making this a race issue like they do every time Trump wants something.

William Cook
William Cook 1 year

The Democrats have tried everything possible to cheat the electoral process including trying to flood the country with Democratic leaning illegals. I am surprised they haven't tried making it mandatory that you can only receive food stamps when you come to the voting booth and vote Democrat. That will be next

Russ Kurtell
Russ Kurtell 1 year

Anyone without an agenda doesn't have a problem with this question being on there.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 year

Not surprised Trump would circumvent the Supreme Court.

Spartacus 1 year

Orange man bad

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 1 year

What do you think would happen if the white people on the planet started fighting back?

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