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GUYIVKS 3 months
pity the un does nothing about drug cartels to start with. gee i wonder why that is? who's in whos pocket i wonder, communal pocket billiards?🤔🤔🤔

Got Truth 3 months
It will be interesting to learn in the future, assuming the world will survive the UN’s push for a one world government, if the UN has been benefiting from the drug trade.

The Real AY-MO 3 months
Some of those people look high...
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
At first I was going to mark this comment for racism or insensitivity but you might actually be onto something.

Larry 3 months
Philippines government stepping on some toes and slowing the illegal drug trade cash flow into the pockets of the UN leaders?

Prodigal Liberal 3 months
Stay out of the country UN. Mind your own China. They tye chinese supply some massive amounts of drugs. It's a rehash of the opium trade only this time instead of the Brits it's the Chinese.