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AY-MO 6 days
Nothing controversial about it, big tech makes billions and pays zero taxes. The US should also impose a VAT on them, as its the only way to ensure they pay their fair share.
Hannibal 4 days
Amazon pays no taxes because they reinvest almost all of their profits into r+d and idiot legislatures vote them tax credits for the jobs, which costs taxpayers zip however unethical. Go read the trades kiddo.
AY-MO 4 days
Yea, not all those profits go to R&D, and the so-called R&D is investing in AI and robots replacing human workers who, a large portion of will not find jobs to replace the ones they lost, costing the taxpayers money. Go read Andrew Yangs the Attack on Normal People and educate yourself. Now you are correct that establishment politicians (both parties) give Corporate America all kinds of Socialist Welfare and they do so in return for billions of dollars in kickbacks (campaign contributions). The solution as outlined by Yang is to impose a VAT on them and turn around and give that money equally to every American Citizen ($1,000 a month). God knows Google, Facebook and the like are making billions off of data from the American People that they don't spend a nickel on.
Hannibal 4 days
Sy-Mo: I think you're a little special if you're arguing investing in robotics and automation isn't r+d. That's about as perfect a real world example as one can give. And no, I don't buy into Yang's futurist UBI bull pucky. It's an essentially luddite thought experiment without evidence. Due to declining birthrates and high labor costs the Japanese have invested heavily in automation and it hasn't led to structural unemployment, higher wealth gaps, or the robot doomsday. I suggest you read Schumpter's exposition of creative destruction. The so-called experts who claim to predict the long-term economic future are charlatans who will be dead before they can be proven wrong.