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Michael Hedderson 1 months
Hey Michelin, wtf is wrong with a slab of Cathedral City in your suffle? That'll taste bloody mint!

MR G!! 1 months

David James 1 months
this is the snubbiest snub thing I have ever heard

bobby_5150 1 months
1st world problems.
Nonya Buizniz 1 months
This goes beyond even 1st world problems. This rockets to the heights of one percenters problems

John Doe 1 months
How much of a privileged pussy do you have to be to get depression for six months for someone claiming you use cheddar cheese in a recipe? A teenager just blew himself up in a suicide bombing attack on a wedding in Afghanistan and this bitch is crying over cheddar cheese.

Star Alien 1 months
The french know how to live

Rational ific 1 months
Oui youse sheddAL!

Barny Fraggles 1 months
I'm imagining this being offered as newsworthy in some shaghole area of the world where people are scrambling to feed their undernourished kids on less than 10 dollars a day with machete-weilding loons prowling the streets outside their hovel night and day.

Miles O'Brien 1 months
They know their cheese!

Talon One 1 months
But what if the cheddar tastes really good in it? Pretentious pricks.
Lord Baktor 1 months
Cheddar is not expensive enough to taste good. Everybody knows expensive stuff tastes better and it's not about elitism at all.

Turn N Burn 1 months
Just devastating. How could they accuse him of such an inferior cheese. They are fucking liars!!

Lord Baktor 1 months
"Millionaire prick is upset not everybody thinks he is as cool as he views himself to be" There, fixed the headline.

L C 1 months
imagine living such a pretentious lifestyle that using cheddar cheese is enough to deplatform you

Cord Nielson 1 months
This is news.

Rocco Rattlebag 1 months
Sooo Little Lord Fauntleroy got his feels hurt.....

Eric Fossum 1 months
Why? Why should anyone have to hear about this.

CoLpOeSnED 1 months
I think that Michelin guide is bs at this point. it's meaningless
King Brutal 1 months
I didnt even know there was a guide.