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Rhokanth 3 months
a.k.a. they plan to automate 2/3 of their jobs.

William 3 months
Just a reminder that Amazon took away monthly bonuses and stock options from their employees when they were forces to comply to the 15/hr minimum wage, meaning they now pay their workers less than they did before.
Paris Cloud 3 months
yay for being a retarded leftist pushing for $15/hour!
blah blah 3 months
Facts. The company I work for was acquired by Amazon and all I got was a dollar raise when they stripped my bonuses and stocks. They are trash. And, I really want the government to split them up.

Paul C 3 months
Interesting. Maybe not too far off from what the military does: take unskilled, yet motivated, people and train them to do exactly what is needed. Good for the people and good for the company.

pspblows99 3 months
maybe they wouldn't have to do this if working in those warehouses didn't suck so much.

michael zubas 3 months
retrain them to be Anti Union...OH WAIT THEY ALREADY DO THAT!

James Delnort 3 months
Proper training of Amazon Logistics delivery employees is greatly needed. I have delivery instructions on all my Amazon deliveries of "PLACE PKG IN BLACK DELIVERY BOX." Seems as if any common idiot would be able to understand, right? Not with Amazon. Over 50% of my deliveries have had instructions ignored. Multiple conversations with the office of Jeff Bezos have taken place over the past year. JB either hires some of the lowest intellect delivery people and/or he hasn't bothered to train them to follow customers instructions. JB makes billions off of us yet he ignores proper training. I can't wait until Andrew Yang becomes US President and imposes a VAT tax on Amazon that will be enjoyed by all US citizens age 18+ with the Freedom Dividend of $1000 a month. Jeff Bezos/Amazon needs to pay his share of taxes. To date, Amazon has paid ZERO TAXES. That's about to change. #Yang2020
themdg MOD 3 months
Why waste that $4T / year on socialism, when you can waste it on Green New Deal socialism?
James Delnort 3 months
Freedom Dividend.

blah blah 3 months
They should use that money to retrain their business ethics they treat their employees like shit.

Brennan Ritchie 3 months
Those jobs better come w/ an increased pay!
NotACerealKiller 3 months
I think free tuition is more than enough...

pspblows99 3 months
maybe working in your warehouses just sucks