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Steven Arkin 6 days
And people say trump has been the worst president? I’d say he’s the best we’ve had in decades
Nicolas Uppal 5 days
Youre high
Rhokanth 5 days
I mean. Not much competition since HW and Reagan. You have a pedophile/rapist, Dubya the dolt and a warmonger who almost sank us into a 2nd Great Depression.
Rocky LeBlanc 5 days
True if you look at just the metrics we judge presidential success by and ignore the rhetoric from the administration.

Michael Tatom 6 days
So the complaint is that we haven’t had enough milestones during Trumps presidency? Could it be that the left is so stupid that they don’t know they’re stupid?
Nicolas Uppal 5 days
Circular logic. Give me one non objective fact and I will destroy you.
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 days
Nicolas he has improved things, no? Would you at least say he’s surpassed your pre-2016 expectations in a positive way?
Hubert Żurawik 5 days
And the moment people challenge Nicolas - silence.

Andrew 1010 5 days

Kevin McAlpin 5 days
it's almost as if the economy is a house of cards thanks to stock buybacks and mass firings along with tax breaks. please pick up a book on economics.