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Paul C 3 months
His $77 million dollar mansion to secure bail... That guy will be in a non-extradition country faster than you can unsnap a 14 year old's bra. Also very weird that his lawyers are saying his crimes are 'akin to consumer purchasing.' Guess you'd have to have gone to law school for that to make any sense!

Judi Em 3 months
OH HELL NO!! NO home detention this time. Lock that SOB up!!!

Ivario Sulfust 3 months
He is being treated like Pablo Escobar. His own personalized prison. What a joke.

Sir_Kutz 3 months
I propose giving that 77 million to charity and just fit this vile creature with cement shoes, scratch that, he might rape the fish.

Lowlife 3 months
Why is this half R jelly half Epstein? I know it’s the same topic but they aren’t linked right?

Booble Plus 3 months
Hes gonna get no bail, hes a flight risk.