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Brian of Life 5 months
Why? You concede, they'll take the party. Good for Republicans in the short term, awful for democracy long term...

Lucifer Neverchanges 5 months
The bitch aka Cortex wants a raise and Skeletor looks like she just wants everything her way or not at all. I honestly don't know why they fight, they are more or less on the same obstructionist side. Wich is good sense they tore their party to ruin.
Cory Pritchard 5 months
There are divides in the Democratic party similar to the tea party movement.

Seed 5 months
We want to raise the debt ceiling, but we don't want to cut spending Like there aren't ways to make spending for certain things more efficient without sacrificing much or possibly even anything in terms of utility

Prodigal Liberal 5 months
Which bitch are you talking about? There's quite a few.

bernit 5 months
crazy how republicans hated pelosi so much for such a long time and finally someone from the outside of the establishment is stepping up to her. republicans now hate AOC more. that's how u can tell when people of no Baron to think for themselves. repeat whatever corporate media feeds u. AOC is hated by both Dems and republicans that should tell u something if u had critical thinking skills. which mind u most repubs and dem don't have much of.
Orion Dakota 5 months
Yeah and you Bernie bros are known for your critical thinking....oh wait.
Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
"should tell u something", it does, it tells us she's an idiot.
M. Douglas Bolles 5 months
Republicans are just mad nobody in their party is outside of corporate influence, literally not one candidate lolllll

Miles O'Brien 5 months
AOC is taking no crap from Pelosi. Pelosi is 79 years old. She should be grooming AOC for the Speaker's job.
bobby_5150 5 months
Why. AOC will be out on the sidewalk next election.
Michael Hedderson 5 months
As will Trump
bobby_5150 5 months
You must be one of those dreamers everyone is talking about.

Barny Fraggles 5 months
Offering these fanatical nutcases a concession is like giving Dracula access to your neck but telling him he's only allowed tickle it with his teeth.

MGTOW Man 5 months
Wow. Idiots in control of Dems. Priceless. Never interrupt an enemy who is in the process of making a mistake. #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE