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ConcealCarryProtect MOD 5 months
Rape kits? Thats what I call my wifes Glock 42.
applejuice 5 months
it's also "pepper spray" and can be used as a "rape whistle" 👍
Diesel Paté 4 months
I’m sure there’s a good argument that arming women can prevent rape, but this is about the thing where the woman comes to them and they get this done as evidence.
ConcealCarryProtect MOD 4 months
I am aware, just saying you can prevemt rape with a bullet to the dick.

Paul C 5 months
LOL, had to stop reading at the point where the article said the cost would be one billion. Now I'm no major party candidate for president, but wouldn't it be better to come up with a plan that aims to reduce rape.
Biased comment 5 months
Careful what you wish for. They would probably suggest removing all white males or castrating them or something.
TrumpVotersAreIdiots 5 months
Oh yes, and let's just tell all the woman that are waiting for their rape kit to be analyzed so they can get justice "tough luck"
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 months
Maybe if both men and women made better choices (I.E drink responsibly, don’t do drugs, basic self defense) crime would go down in general

Andre Gerard 5 months
First : if there is a demand, there won't be a backlog if you let the market do its thing. Second : rape kits are far from being a solution. The risk of a rapist reacting badly when finding such a kit on an often defensless victim can easily end in violence or in extreme cases murder!
Diesel Paté 4 months
No, she means the thing where cops swab victims to get them tested by a lab to find the perpetrators, and there’s a problem of them being left alone and not dealt with.