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Voice of Reason 5 months
Eat shit, Iran. Your criminal dealings won't be tolerated and you're most definitely not in a position to demand anything from anyone after being caught red handed.

Marc Shahine 5 months
British navy just made the Somali pirates jealous

GG WP 5 months
@naidu Let the fires of purgation be lit and righteous arms sanctified. Deus vult!

Naidu VGA 5 months
Sorry Iranis, Trump got UK by the bollocks. You're in way over your head. Trump's promised his Republican creeps a new war and you're it
Idiot Prole 5 months
Actually this was the EU that had us doing this particular stunt. And they do have us by the butt hair.

Sapper82 5 months
Yeah they tried their reciprocal measures by attacking an oil tanker with three navy vessels, only to retreat when they noticed the Royal Navy destroyer protecting it! As for the Royal Marines, good bunch of lads and the commando course is ninja (never attempted it by the way!)
CoLpOeSnED 5 months
maybe nobody wants war, they just want their belongings back. Would you atleast agree that it's Iran's oil?
Sapper82 5 months
Col- most definitely mate. I still don’t know why the commandos boarded and took over the ship- it’s really non of our fucking business. I hate the warmongering toss pots in Iran’s leadership it’s a disgrace and the Islamist diatribe is keeping the good people under foot whilst promoting violence against anything western and not Islamist. BUT and this is a big but (ready for the pun) that vessel is Iran’s- the government needs to change dramatically and stop trying to destroy Israel or the west will destroy them. God help us avoid war at all costs. No more brothers lost to political games, I’ve seen enough good men fall and buried too many. God bless and keep safe
Hannibal 5 months
Sapper: Why? Because of sanctions against Syria. Whether you agree with those sanctions or not the militaru is lawfully obliged to stop sanction-busting. Besides, it's a "Panamanian " ship.