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Sir_Kutz 3 months
It’s not “for conservatives”, just because Facebook and Twitter are tyrants doesn’t mean it’s a conservative summit.
Shortstack01 3 months
Tim Pool was invited to speak and he is far from conservative.
Brandon Spears 3 months
@Shortstack01 I'm just curious, did Trump invite anyone else not a conservative besides Tim Pool?
Sir_Kutz 3 months
I can say no one whose been banned on social media was in attendance, liberal or conservative.

(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
Gotta love it how the media immediately smears everyone involved and people actually buy into that shit. I’m just waiting for libel suits.

blob dankness 3 months
time got invited soooooo.
Kyle G 3 months
They attacked Tim more than they did any of the real conservatives, simply because he does not fall in line. 10 years ago they would have loved him, but they have gone off the deep end and Tim is not willing to follow them.

Leu Excedo 3 months
There were people from both sides and the middle there, not just conservatives.

Kevin McAlpin 3 months
don't we have like 15 different issues to deal with first, tho?
Fred Armstrong 3 months
are we unable to adress multiple issues at once?
Lowlife 3 months
Can’t really have a discussion of issues if one side isn’t allowed to speak my guy