$38k reward offered for Florida dolphin killer

$38k reward offered for Florida dolphin killer

NOAA and it’s partners have offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who speared a dolphin in the head, a criminal act that carries a $100,000 fine. Authorities say the dolphin was known to local marine biologists, and evidence suggests the highly intelligent cetacean was killed for begging for food from a fishing boat - a common occurrence.

Blake Hobba
Blake Hobba
The Real AY-MO
The Real AY-MO 8 months


Based Haole
Based Haole 8 months

Hope they find this guy and he mysteriously falls down and breaks his neck on the way to court

Sir_Kutz 8 months

Meanwhile rewards for missing kids is like $5k.... and, dolphins are assholes

Mike McWay
Mike McWay 8 months

Self defense - the dolphin tried to rape him #BelieveAllSailors

Anubis 8 months

It was AOC, I saw her do it myself........

Binx1 8 months

bad move bro.

Rhonda 8 months

Poor flipper

Dylan Jett
Dylan Jett 8 months

dolphins are dirty rapist and again just a dolphin. you sheep get worked up over nothing.

TheWired 8 months

Why the fuck is it a) a "crime" and b) a 100k fine, are these retarded politicians insane? It's a fucking dolphin not a human get a fucking life. And as another commenter said, why 38k for a fucking dolphin an 5k for a kid? That's retarded beyond belief. I want to see 100k+ for information leading to the arrest of any abuser of a child, (funded through a private charity)

AltMiddle 8 months

It's a fucking dolphin ffs. "Oh the poor creature!" Well, guess what we're humanity.

Rocky LeBlanc
Rocky LeBlanc 8 months

Humans are killed in more brutal fashion and $0 is set aside for their reward. Prioritize much?

Dannymcmanny 8 months

I hope the bitch pay 500 for every dolphin murdered

Jambon Supreme
Jambon Supreme 8 months

Taxpayers rejoice!

Larry 7 months

38k reward up to 100k fine for that yet abortion is legal. Shameful.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 8 months

That'll cause death!

Matthew Rowley
Matthew Rowley 8 months

That's a bummer.

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