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Larry 4 months
38k reward up to 100k fine for that yet abortion is legal. Shameful.

Mike McWay 5 months
Self defense - the dolphin tried to rape him #BelieveAllSailors

Rocky LeBlanc 5 months
Humans are killed in more brutal fashion and $0 is set aside for their reward. Prioritize much?

TheWired 5 months
Why the fuck is it a) a "crime" and b) a 100k fine, are these retarded politicians insane? It's a fucking dolphin not a human get a fucking life. And as another commenter said, why 38k for a fucking dolphin an 5k for a kid? That's retarded beyond belief. I want to see 100k+ for information leading to the arrest of any abuser of a child, (funded through a private charity)
paddy 4 months
it shouldn't be about the money, they get enough false positives as it is.

Jambon Supreme 5 months
Taxpayers rejoice!

AltMiddle 5 months
It's a fucking dolphin ffs. "Oh the poor creature!" Well, guess what we're humanity.

Dylan Jett 5 months
dolphins are dirty rapist and again just a dolphin. you sheep get worked up over nothing.

Anubis 5 months
It was AOC, I saw her do it myself........
Rocky LeBlanc 5 months
Yeah, but she was just trying to stop it from farting I. the water. It is horrible for climate change.😆😂

Sir_Kutz 5 months
Meanwhile rewards for missing kids is like $5k.... and, dolphins are assholes

Rhonda 5 months
Poor flipper

Dannymcmanny 5 months
I hope the bitch pay 500 for every dolphin murdered

Based Haole 5 months
Hope they find this guy and he mysteriously falls down and breaks his neck on the way to court
Sean Donahue 5 months
thats a little harsh, jail time sure, but death is a little extreme.
Based Haole 5 months
nah man this shows a basic lack of empathy fuck him I'm not saying animals are equal to humans but I am saying that when someone shows us that they lack a basic sense of empathy for life and killing not to eat or in defense of ones live but just to kill is fucking sadistic I see no reason not to treat people the way they act act like a Savage animal be put down like one...
Dannymcmanny 5 months
but it's not he killed other life so what's the issue with having him die as punishment

Matthew Rowley 5 months
That's a bummer.

The Real AY-MO 5 months
Macius 5 months
Ha! If this guy is Asian he will be meme forever

Miles O'Brien 5 months
That'll cause death!

Binx1 5 months
bad move bro.