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Rocky LeBlanc 5 months
Seems fair. If he really did allow a miscarriage of justice then I wouldn't be apposed to him seeing charges.
Captain Obvious 5 months
sweetheart deals happen every day across the Country. Only reason this is a big deal is because he's opposite the Democrats. Had it been their administration nothing would've happened. If he's weak on pedophiles he definitely shouldn't be "enforcing" any laws. The Country will be stronger with him gone assuming someone strong gets tapped.
AY-MO 5 months
CO, have to call bull shit on your pitty party. Take Bill Clinton for one he got impeached for lying about a blow job, how about Al Franken he was forced to resign over a pg pic. If I took five min. I could find a lot more but I don't care enough.
F T 5 months
@captain, not even close! He did the deals without the consent nor knowledge of the victims. I believe later a judge found what he did to be illegal, but did anything significant happen to either the molester or the crooked people making these deals? Nope.