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Ruth Cole 5 months
piece of shit. sub human leech who protected a paedophile rather than allow those girls some justice .

Innerparty 5 months
When are we gonna hear all about Clinton?

Michael Tatom 5 months
Collateral damage.

bernit 5 months
but Trump says his a great guy same of Epstein.
Andrew Colomy 5 months
Trump says a ton of people hes worked with who turn out to be shit are great people. You dont insult swamp monsters to their faces. There are so few decent people in government that it comes across like he just makes poor judgment decisions. This is what we have to work with folks. This is what we have, 95% garbage.

Miles O'Brien 5 months
After Trump's tweet yesterday I didn't see that coming. Oh wait. Trump said Acosta was safe. Code for "You're fired!"
Innerparty 5 months
And ya know what? He's still going to be president for another 5 or so years. Gotta love it chiefie whiffie.
Michael Hedderson 5 months
More like do years

Propaganda Destroyer 5 months
So, any surprise that perv pedo trump consorts with pedo epstein "he's a great guy" and hires this corrupt lawyer letting a pedo of the hook basically? This is trump who said he would bang his daughter. What trash!
Innerparty 5 months
Hillary and slick Willie are best buddies with Epstein and Podesta.
Propaganda Destroyer 4 months
Yeah I know that. Ever see the pic of the Clintons laughing it up with trump? If you don't think they are in cahoots against the public and running a show for us, you're naive.
Innerparty 4 months
oh pooh

Sir_Kutz 5 months
Anyone who rapes a child should not suck air, anyone who aids them in that endeavor should also not suck air.

Vic A 5 months
The best outcome would be for him to tell what actually caused him to make the decisions he did to protect Epstein. Was he bought off? What there pressure from a foreign government, presumably the UK, as some have said? It would be great if he came clean after this resignation.

Kevin McAlpin 5 months
LOL. Serves a pedophile defender correctly.

Dave 5 months
Costa is out, Pizza is in.

Jason J Mitchell 5 months
faster than I thought

Fulltilt1973 5 months
More to this than meets the eye, the truth will always out, and as usual those that love truth will find out, the most who prefer a lie won’t.

Mod Okay 5 months
Draining the swamp?
Miles O'Brien 5 months
There aren't enough pumps in the world to drsin this swamp, and where does all that swampy stuff go?
Ethan 5 months

the hawk 5 months
Now it is time to go through all his old cases and check if he broke the law in those cases as well as t to see if he took any pay off
Innerparty 5 months
Did he break the law? Please point to a specific case and instance.
Young Kekistani(Not Cenk) 5 months
They're acquainted though, that's enough.
Hannibal 5 months
And I'm sure we have the resources to do that for every past department head...

Reid McPherson 5 months

Laughter in the Shadows 5 months
anyone else see this as AOC leaving?
Jason J Mitchell 5 months
I wish

DunkaccinoVEVO 5 months
Did anyone else read this as Alexandria Ocasio and get really happy?
Reid McPherson 5 months
Jason J Mitchell 5 months
Yes. Give it time though. She obviously corrupt as hell.
Otto Eduard Leopold 5 months
@jason do you have any information or just wishful thinking?

Mr RadNoodles 5 months
Reid McPherson 5 months
hahaha, she's not corrupt, sorry.
Jason J Mitchell 5 months
Chances are she will be impeached. she's already facing several investigations including corruption for campaign finances. Give it time.
Jason J Mitchell 5 months
@Ried You should write late night comedy! muahahahaha that was funny

Ivario Sulfust 5 months
Right move

Stephen Pitts 5 months
Now for him to be indicted for corruption.
Innerparty 5 months
Clintons first, the Obama.