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Jesse Watson 4 months
I’m surprised the sub didn’t immediately sink due to the extra weight of that man’s brass balls
Beisht Kione 4 months
Wasnt sure if they were blurring out the sub crew or those testes. About the same size. I like talking shit about Coasties, but fuck, that dude better get a medal!
Rocco Rattlebag 4 months

(Un)Fortunate Son 4 months
Why isn’t our coast guard armed with better anti-sub munitions? Isn’t it a national security risk to have foreign submarines in our waters? What if one of these were filled with explosives. It could potentially shut down Panama Canal or Ram a civilian vessel.
Beisht Kione 4 months
Because the puddle pirates arent actually in the military 🤣🤣🤣
ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 4 months
Coast Guard is primarily a law enforcement and rescue force. It’s assumed the navy would be the ones concentrating on anti submarine warfare because it used to be subs were only used by nation states. Narcotic smuggling should change that, but now you have a new set of problems. Because as a law enforcement arm the coast guard want to take people alive and have evidence to convict them. Traditional anti-submarine tactic are counterintuitive to this, as they mainly revolve around throwing explosives into the water around/near a sub to make it stay underwater forever, or force it to surface before its ripped to pieces (so that it may then be blown the fuck up). This is not a very good way to collect suspects and/or evidence...
Idiot Prole 4 months
@thayoneguy it DOES however solve the problem very effectively.

Sapper82 4 months
Bloody Hell!! The bollocks on that dude! He deserves a cold one for that, though he’d say he was just doing his job. Hopefully this’ll wake up the infinitely closed minded left that the war on drugs at home is real and very dangerous. Another American hero to make the USA proud, well done mate!!!
Andre Gerard 4 months
The left love drug crimes, it keeps the population dependend on the government!

The Masta 4 months
Great example of "toxic" masculinity!

Lord Flasheart 4 months
America... Fuck Yeah!!

White Man’s Burden 4 months
I can’t wait for the media to show him beating up a black man and turn this story into a black lives matter piece.
RJOHN 4 months
Great, now you are giving them ideas...
AshLiamBerg 4 months
"Black men attacked whilst taking peaceful submarine holiday by evil oppressive white men"

MT144 4 months
to this I can without a glint of sarcasm say: stunning and brave

Don Grantham 4 months
Duhn Duhn duh duh duhn duhn duh duh duhn duhn... Your mission, should you decide to accept it involves jumping on a moving submarine in the middle of the ocean. Instead of disavowing your actions, we will broadcast it all over the media. Congrats.

Beisht Kione 4 months
God damn son!

Doppleman 4 months
Damn! That looks like an action movie!

david dindu 4 months
is the sub carbon neutral?

Christian Kenny 4 months
I know international laws exist but uh can we just drop a depth charge or two on them? When is the next time you’ll get a chance to do this?

Fuchs 4 months
this is why you dont fuck with the coast guard

RJOHN 4 months
That man is wasting his talents and his fearlessness.
Da Boys 4 months
And how do you figure that?
RJOHN 4 months
With a slide rule and compass.

Brian of Life 4 months
John McClane, eat yer heart out!

K B (Midgetelf) 4 months
Okay. :) That was badass.

Marcus Rogers 4 months
Its a home made sub that partly made from a boat with a lid and a air pipe, most sink when they get into rougher waters.

MightyMargulis 4 months
why didn't the sub just submerge? seems like an easy way to get out of this situation. but props to the coastguard guy.
Randy Souse-Git 4 months
Did you see the hatch when it opened? The article I read called it semi-submersible. It's a souped up hobbyist kit sub that can't fully submerge. Think fully covered speed boat with enough ballast to keep all but the top deck under water.
MightyMargulis 4 months
ahh, ok that makes sense. i thought it meant it just went like 15 feet underwater or something.

Xris Mouta 4 months
How the HELL do drug lords get a sub?!
Seed 4 months
Dark web? Crime lords? Russian mob?
SûmFigöt 4 months
Ryan M 4 months
They build them. They are crude and don't reach significant depths.

AY-MO 4 months
Must be fake news, as we all know drugs only come across the southern border.
Ryan M 4 months
No one has ever claimed that drugs only come over the southern land border.
AY-MO 4 months
The people yelling for the Wall, claim the vast majority of drugs come across the Southern Border.
Stephen 4 months
@Ay The fact that you disprove your first statement with your second is hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle.