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Russ Kurtell 5 months
LOL Take a look at this new butthurt libtard comment section we have here! This will be fun 😏. New Brazil will flourish, despite what the brain washed left proclaims.
Mod Okay 5 months
Yeah cutting down the rain forest is really gonna help Brazil flourish.
Philip Vonleipzig 5 months
When you say butthurt libtards do you mean informed lefty commentators? 😂
Russ Kurtell 5 months
No, Phillip, I really really don't. The new left is nearly anything but informed. They are profoundly naive, petty, dogmatic little zealots that cultishly recite thoroughly debunked, boring talking points.

Sir_Kutz 5 months
Make it sound like like a sacrifice. “I offer to you my first born”.

Star Alien 5 months
Free lula
Kevin McAlpin 5 months
Sean Christopher 5 months
Yeah bring back corruption and bribery! Totally genius idea!
Steve Scotts 5 months
Lula is a great THEIF!!!!

bernit 5 months
this dude is selling out the rainforest for money. this guy don't give a damn about the environment and also way super corrupt.
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 months
Buddy Wdym? I agree with the notion that the rainforests should be protected however they are a valuable resource which can be utilized without permanent destruction. A few acres here and there every few decades wont destroy the entire rainforest. In fact it could potentially be very beneficial having the soil be burnt to revitalize it for new growth, allowing certain plants to grow anew without having to compete in the dense foliage. One think that bothers me, I dislike the imperialism of having environmentalists telling a country what they can and cannot do with their land.
William 5 months
@(Un)fortunate Son: Bolsonaro is cutting down vast swathes of rainforest for express purpose to promote foreign industrialization of the area, with the cost being a huge increase in carbon emissions when we as a planet can't afford them, and the lives of the indigenous protected peoples within the rainforest as Bolsonaro has explicitly stated multiple times that he despises. I can sympathize with not caring for environmentalism, but this is a more serious matter than someone being rude about recycling.
Thunder Laus 5 months
It's not for industrialization, it's for cattle. And less than 8% of Brazilian land is used for agriculture. It's funny how most of the criticism comes from Europeans who barely have remnants of native forests.

Rocky LeBlanc 5 months
Copies Trump right down to the nepotism. Lol. Seriously though that image is menacing.
Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
If you can't trust family who can you trust?
Michael Hedderson 5 months
Competent people who are right for the job, maybe? Just a hunch.
Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months
@Michael ah yes the "competent people" which are in abundant supply in politics!

Kevin McAlpin 5 months
no thanks, we need no more of this fascist influence on our very impressionable president. he's a very handicapped dude, and Bolsonaro seems very manipulative.
Sean Christopher 5 months
He’s not a fascist and considering that the left have been in compete control of Brazil for the past 70 years and have turned that country into a compete war zone and utter shithole he is the only hope Brazil has. See the American media is made up of communist sympathizers and they all know that the left is slowly being pushed out of Latin America completely and that scares them as it should.
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 months
I hate it when people insist he’s fascist. He’s not actually that bad. He’s been making steady improvements to the country.
Beisht Kione 5 months
No, you're a facist

Thunder Laus 5 months
IMO it's better for him to stay in the congress. Pres. Bolsonaro need allies there.

Jonathan Rogers 5 months
Unfortunately, the current summary contains several major errors. Jair Bolsonaro is President of Brazil, not President-elect. Eduardo Bolsonaro might be nominated to be ambassador to the U.S., not to Brazil. Also, the linked articles say nothing about Lula da Silva that I could find.
Just An Opinion 5 months
See that little edit button on the bottom right?
Jonathan Rogers 5 months
I did edit the summary. The first time I did, it was rejected. The second time, it was accepted.

Naidu VGA 5 months
And if he's got balls like trump ?