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Ryan M 5 days
The "journalist" intimated that he wanted to fight Gorka, but the media portrays Gorka as the aggressor.

Beisht Kione 5 days
There you have it folks, the current state of the legacy media.

Bubbles 5 days
Do people still "read" Playboy for the articles?
Garrett Plank 5 days
playboy has articles?
Pacific Pleb 5 days
playboy has articles?!
william snedker 5 days
Playboy is still a thing?

pengersic 1 5 days
Tim Pool has the headline correct, "CNN threatens Trump supporter".
Evan The random person 2 days
I agree.

K Dude 5 days
Chris Cahill 5 days
If yelling at people is now a brawl then don’t ever go to a construction site

AY-MO 5 days
Gorka calling someone a punk is rich. The dude is as phony as his accent.
Beisht Kione 5 days
He grew up and was schooled in England. That's the accent you get when you grow up in England... Swing and a miss. So, what's phony about him
Beisht Kione 5 days
Oh, and this was a good chance for you to call bullshit on that journalist, well activist, for trying to pick a fight with someone in the damn White House Rose Garden. What gives? Dont care because it happened to someone you dont know anything about, but hate anyway? Because that's the impression I'm getting.
Mod Okay 5 days
Gorka is crazyyyyy

jackoeup 5 days
oh come on, asking an opponent to step outside has always meant you want to fight, this is ridiculous at best, acting all innocent now.

Matthew Rowley 5 days
Do you smell that? It smells like....desperation.

Michael Tatom 5 days
A jerk by any other name. The vast majority of the left is famous for being infamous.

R L 5 days
Brian Karem tried to start a fight at the White House. Does this not constitute a Bannable offence or...? Everytime I see something like this it really drives home the fact that Journalism is dead.

Balmora 5 days
A lot of envy right there... 😂😂

R L 5 days
The absolute state of Journalism today. What a Clown world.

Kenguru Safari 5 days
This "journalist" literally asked for a physical response. They are just salty they didn't get it.

MrVairhein 5 days
suck it nerd!

Naidu VGA 5 days
A haunting we will go, a haunting we will go, a haunting..........

Innerparty 4 days
They argued, big deal.
Beisht Kione 4 days
The threat is what is noteworthy. Legacy media is scared of the alt media and are getting desperate. Only actually follow a couple of the people there and only give real credence to one of them. The fact that this even happened is telling.
Innerparty 4 days
Beisht, well said.
Beisht Kione 4 days
thanks dude

Evan The random person 2 days
Notice... Nothing from CNN (he is an analyst there) or playboy (he is the white house correspondent there).

5 days
Gay Mobsters in The White House?
Beisht Kione 4 days