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Got Truth 6 days
Google’s AI is messing with ALL searches, especially or men! Try searching “men can” look at suggestions, then search “women can” look at suggestions. Everyone should remove Google as a search engine!
Nigel Thompson 6 days
google images of 'white couple' now try 'black couple'
AW1990 6 days
apparently male pregnancy is all the rage. top results were "men can get pregnant" and "men can have babies" lol
Frederic Lück 5 days
Just use DuckDuckGo

K Dude 5 days
Google is a biased aggregator

Christopher Brown 5 days
Strange, the only news was from CNN and Buzzfeed.

Nick Litten 6 days
With Google's Search biasing it's search results and Google's YouTube division actively censoring videos that express nonPC opinions does anyone use (and trust) Googles News delivery services?
Innerparty 4 days
NO !!!

Michael Tatom 5 days
It’s so scary to think that most of what’s fed to us in terms of news is filtered through a bias network. I think that’s called propaganda.

SufferingInCali 5 days
And at the same time make sure the conservative sources are deranked or eliminated altogether

Danny 5 days
Just no Breitbart

Innerparty 4 days
Google has as much as much credibility as Joseph Goebbels.