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RJOHN 6 days
It appears sex trafficking is the Flavor of the Month on the news circuit. Anyone here anything about Harvey W. or what's her name that tried to take out Kavanaugh or even Russian collusion anymore?
Sapper82 6 days
I’ve been thinking the same mate- that bitch that tried to get kavanah (sorry about the spelling!) destroyed has got away Scot free- she could have ruined his life. There is nothing in the press about the fast take over of the west by islamists and the fear and crime they bring in the form of ‘cultural difference’.
Oliver Biscuit 6 days
That would be actually doing their job but that goes against the narrative so they'll distract the normies with fake and/or garbage news.
Sapper82 5 days
Again, agreed with everything you said Ollie. Thing is, people like us actually think for ourselves and research news before nodding blindly to anything written. The fact that people even watch any MSM now is a joke in itself! Keep safe guys, God bless.

Vashman 6 days
Imagine my shock.

Rocco Rattlebag 6 days
“When you say teenage, like, how young you talkin”? -R.Kelly
Shortstack01 5 days
technically 18 and 19 are still considered teen years even though they are of age.

Nomeacasoxlogin NACXL 6 days
"I want to pi$$ on you.. Drip! Drip! Drip!"

Captain Obvious 6 days
wonder about his relationship with Epstein
Christopher Brown 5 days
I was wondering if this wasn’t a result of that too. Epstein gets a reduced sentence and many others go down. He’s going to get Clinton-ed.
Sincerely Cindy 4 days
I don't think the two have anything to do with one another. Rich white people of a certain age just don't really hang out with black people even if they share disgusting behavior and are both rich.

Matthew McGowan 5 days
damn, he fightin for his life

bobby_5150 5 days
He seemed like such a nice young man.

Based Haole 5 days
I wanna piss on you but only if you 16...

Michael Hedderson 4 days
Awww Kelly?! Dayum

WWG1WGA 5 days
Another one down pedowood next. And all these leftist thought pizzagate was a hoax

Eric Fossum 5 days
Can we stop referring to him as “R&B singer R Kelly” and start referring to him as “Chicken Hawk R Kelly”.

Captain Obvious 6 days
hey RK, 13 is legal in Mexico! R Kelly defects.