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Matthew Rowley 5 months
Because that is what the Democrats have become known for...level-headed, calm, rational discussion and debate.
Miles O'Brien 5 months
There will be enough hysterics and drama from the replubicans.

(Un)Fortunate Son 5 months
Next time on the real housewives of the Democratic Party: AOC accuses Pelosi of sexual discrimination.
Dannymcmanny 5 months
You're a moron, it's blatantly obvious Pelosi is sexist against Alexandria and the other female progressives but of course, the one person in the comment section with the texen flag as their profile pic can't see that
NotACerealKiller 5 months
@Danny Calm down. Speak concisely, rationally and clearly. You have just made a statement, but you have not described how you have come to the conclusion in statement. If you believe that you will alter the mindset of another person, via personal attacks such as pointing out that his pfp contains a Texan flag, (which can be interpreted as a suggestion that his pfp invalidates his argument). Or by alienating the person that you believe needs to think differently... ... You will be unable to change his mind. That method is not something that is functional, and often leads to others seeing you as a complete prat. Debate him on his reasoning, and then maybe his mind will change. But your current approach is woefully inadequate for the task.
Captain Obvious 5 months
wait .. Danny was serious?

William 5 months
"Calmness" here clearly means "stop dragging my ass on Twitter." She's mad more and more Dems are realizing she's a batty old relic and not the "woke queen" just because she clapped weird one time.

Andrew Colomy 5 months
It's almost as if they need more time to drum up some bullshit for Mueller to say because the Democrats already wrung him dry.

R LoRusso 5 months
Ok so as rancher said Trump was not guilty of cattle rustling, but might be guilty of trying not to get hung for it.

Anubis 5 months
Remember when the left championed him so much that SNL did a skit called "All I want for Christmas is the Mueller report"?....

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 5 months
Calmness and no drama is pretty much the exact opposite of the entire Democrat party (Pelosi included)... That’s like asking a NRA member to not buy a box of ammo on sale. It’s not impossible, but god damned you need a really persuasive argument...

Dannymcmanny 4 months
ok I'm sorry of course my approach will not change any opinions if ANYTHING will make them worse @ NotACerealKiller your so right

(Arcamean) 5 months
Senators need term limits, no more than eight years! If presidents need changing so do their ilk.

Dannymcmanny 5 months
if she wants peace then she needs to stop going after progressives of her own party
bobby_5150 5 months
Right...That's the problem.
Beisht Kione 5 months
*regressive socialists

ICblades 5 months
isnt there a link between Muller and Epstein?

Judi Em 5 months