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James T Kirk 6 days
How about Turkey be booted out of NATO?
The Masta 6 days
And they must not be allowed to join European Union. Never.
GG WP 6 days
They must never be allowed not to join the EU? That's quite the predicament they face then, since at this rate pigs will sooner learn to fly than the turks be accepted as Europeans.
Otto Eduard Leopold 6 days
@ The Masta yeah and kick them out of UEFA TOO!!!

The Civic Nationalist 6 days
Okay, our strategic partnership with Turkey needs to end. AttaTurk created Turkish nationalism to counter Ottoman Islamism, facing riots for the simple act of placing pickahaulbe spikes on army Stalhems, as a symbolic way of making clear that the army wouldn't be a 5x daily prayer religious force, but a representation of secular government. He charged the military with protecting secular governance, which is why they've had to oust democratically elected Islamist governments multiple times over the century after Turkey's formstion, oddly enough being an example where such behavior is a force for stability. Turkish nationalism has some pretty unsavory aspects to it, such as constant low level warfare with the Kurds and a refusal to acknowledge the Armenian genocide, but as of recent years following the failed attempt at ousting Edrogan, islamism and nationalism have merged in Turkey, and Erdogan has betrayed NATO by providing aid to ISIS as a way of screwing the Kurds, limited NATO support to the Kurds, and has used its efforts to attack the Kurds in Syria and occupy Iraqi Kurdistan, along with using waves of migrants as a threat to extort money from the EU to slow their progress. Edrogan is a repressive dictator in keeping with Putin, and his purchasing of these AAA systems is a major hazard to our 5th gen fighter's stealth capabilities, bc putting both technologies in the same area, especially if Russians arrive to train Turks in the use of the weapons. At this point, we're past the betrayal in '03 of revoking permission to use NATO airfields to invade Iraq, and we're at the point where there is no excuse for them to remain in NATO given their recent behavior.

Blaeingr 6 days
Uhm, ok... so Turkey bought a weapons system that is not compatible with any of their current hardware. Barring a full scale change over Turkey has proven what geniuses they are🥴

M!NDS3T 5 days
They are an independent nation? Why are we dictating there defense?
Akira Kevin 5 days
my thoughts too. fuck nato, and fuck the (((warhawk))) dictators in my country.
Nikolozka 5 days
Only US allowed to play with toys, they start crying when they see other kids got toys too

Donyboom 5 days
Going cheap. Straight from Ukraine. Only fired once. You like huh?
flinx101 5 days
dude, that's not funny.
Donyboom 5 days
I know but not for the reason you think.
Idiot Prole 3 days

SimonR 6 days
silly silly mosloms

Mitchell 5 days
Stop the escalation... How can everyone not see that this endless conflict is getting us nowhere? Why can't we learn and understand...

Naidu VGA 6 days
Time to make amends in the heart of the mid-east. wake the joos n sauds up. their holy lands crapology, should get a retirement package.
Avi Khait 4 days
This is between NATO, Turkey and Russia. Leave Jews out of it.

Daddy Tito 5 days
Turkey can do whatever they want

DunkaccinoVEVO 6 days
What are they doing?
SûmFigöt 6 days
Buying weapons systems from the Russians and not the Americans

OrangeMütze 5 days
The only reason why the US is made is that Turkey bought weapons from Russia instead of the US. Did anyone besides me look into the S-400? The same design Bureau that made the S-400 is working with S. Korea to develop a simplified version of it and S. Korea is a strategic ally of the US but, you don’t hear the complaints about that.
Akira Kevin 5 days
that makes more sense. pretty high-dollar, high level corruption... typical.
Jonh Gonzalez 5 days
Well S.Korea isn't part of NATO so they're not really comparable
OrangeMütze 5 days
They are more compatible then you think. Are the other NATO nations aren’t putting on sanctions; I haven’t seen anything about that which means, the US sanctions are unilateral. Therefore, it’s the US military industrial complex that is not making money and they (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, etc.) are pissed.

Miles O'Brien 5 days
It looks like Russia is going to get the largest most modern military air force facility built by US tax dollars as a gift.

Brandon Mount 6 days
Aw shit here we go again

Michael Hedderson 4 days
I don't see Turkey ever joining the EU, they came as close as they were gonna get in Erdogan's 1st (and very talented) administration. But it's all gone to shit there now, plus half of Europe would actively revolt if it ever looked like Turkey might be granted membership even if they returned to more democratic ways. Times have changed.

Ethan 6 days
Deus Vault!

Jason 5 days
Democracy can not function without a free market economy. lol
Seed 5 days
Democracy is a terrible idea to begin with. Unless you are a highly unified country with strong social cohesion and trust democracy can easily disintegrate into different factions within society trying to put themselves above others Not to mention the average person is not always accurately informed on issues. Yluu don't need democracy to have human rights respected, either. Democracies can easily manipulated to violate the rights of certain groups as well.

Capitalist Putin 5 days
hold up, i thought Turkey and Russia hated each other?

Jack Jewell 5 days
If they want to buy a certain weapon system they should be allowed to. I mean they bought F35's. Nothing wrong with it, stop being salty America.
Idiot Prole 3 days
The issue is that this is a Russian Air Defence System which is designed to overcome stealth tech. Russian input and service will be required and they could easily pull the logged data to see what signatures were picked up from F35s. This is an issue.