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Gucci Swag B 1 months
China has enough land for its dictatorship, it doesn't need Taiwan also they can fuck off America can do what ever they want
John Curtin 1 months
Who does China think they are fuckn' with the world police
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 months
America isn’t the world police. That’s exactly why they should be afraid of us.
John Curtin 1 months
Not the world police, buuut if China steps outta line against the US, they will get a big time out.

K B (Midgetelf) 1 months
China can go to hell... oh wait, it's already building one of its own, and wants Taiwan to be a part of it.

Dave 1 months
Yes, because ordering Trump not to so something seems like it would work so well.

william snedker 1 months
But I thought they weren’t a country, there a province of China is it not?
yuckycrumpet 1 months
Hope that's not a serious question.
Frederic Lück 1 months
Obvious rhetoric question directed at china
K B (Midgetelf) 1 months
It's complicated...

Andrew 1010 1 months
Hey China fuck you.
NeverMetTheGuy 1 months

MightyMargulis 1 months
wheres all the BDSholes, guess "occupation" is only an issue if jews are doing it to a fake country but not if its real.
Based Haole 1 months
This isn't even close to the same situation but you know that which is why you tried to use PILPUL...fucking snakes wonder why so many nations kicked them out

Moogle Joestar 1 months
Poor Taiwan

BIG YOSHI 1 months
Fuck off China. Go fuck yourself. We know you consider Australia as a future China 2. Over my dead fucking body. I'll invite a nuclear winter before I invite you greedy fucks.

Based Haole 1 months
fuck china

Steven Arkin 1 months
China’s got some balls. Hey China we are already gearing up to wipe out Iran don’t make us shift our gaze.

Eric Fossum 1 months
And the US says China should get bent.

SRC t 1 months
China should shut their mouth they are not the master!

T.N. Morgan 1 months
Since when do we take orders from China? Get the fuck outta here.

Christopher Stone 1 months
Give us a good trade deal and we will consider it.

Darth Quaint 1 months
The story summary comes after the US has already made a $2.2 billion weapons deal with Taiwan (see AP link). China is riding a line where they could probably crush Taiwan if they tried hard enough, but they oddly haven't since Taiwan broke off in 1949. Now they just play the equivalent of a chained dog with an out of reach bone. China will bark like mad when anyone goes near Taiwan in effort to drive them away, but ultimately won't do anything.
Jason Culligan 1 months
China can't crush Taiwan militarily for one key reason: They have a defence pact with the US. Any unprovoked aggression against Taiwan means instant war with the US. Any conflict between the US and China would become nuclear very quickly, and that's a war that China would lose badly.

Andrew Johnston 1 months
The party line. No not a conga it's not that kind of a party.

rj9955hi 1 months
of course not

NeverMetTheGuy 1 months
The overwhelming love for China in the comments is hilarious.

TC_volenter 1 months
China is like a millennial. Wines butches and tells people what to do but doesn't even know how to take care of there own maters.

Michael Hedderson 1 months