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Paul C 1 months
I deny it.
Benjamin Rostick 1 months
i didn't buy anything during the prime day sale

J. S. Dietrich 1 months
Nope, never participated in prime day.

Vox Dexter 1 months
another advert

Based Haole 1 months
I don't even use Amazon you stupid corporate fucks...

Danny 1 months

A Car Guy 1 months
Nope, it really hasn't. Never even heard of it before. But seriously, how does this qualify as news?

Barny Fraggles 1 months
And all at the mere cost of destroying high street commerce, countless jobs and ever having to leave your cosy house cage again.

Russell Daggett 1 months
I don't even really get what prime day is.
adam ferrebee 1 months
from what I remember seeing during last yr's prime day, it's simply a way to offload some of their shittier inventory.

Ilya Yakymenko 1 months
What is Amazon prime day?

Juan phan 1 months
That's as backwards as the pick a day delivery to avoid 2 day shipping.

Larry 1 months
Ok, I'll bite. What is Prime Day? and why should it mean anything to me?

Seth Harpenger 1 months
but i don't have amazon, i have a car and a debit card