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Paul C 5 months
He wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi... Doesn't he know that Nancy only does what AOC tells her?
Philip Vonleipzig 5 months
That's a hilariously misinformed comment 😂
Lowlife 5 months
Phillip, he was referring to this story So no, not misinformed in the slightest

Julian 5 months
How about we cut spending?
bobby_5150 5 months
That's exactly what a commie-fascist-nazi would say.

MGTOW Man 5 months
Trust the Plan. Buy Gold and silver BULLION. Buy food. Ensure easy access to drinking water. GOLD standard coming... ⚡🙏

Cory Pritchard 5 months
So many in the comments attacking Democrats for spending despite having a Republican president and Senate lol

ICblades 5 months
stop increasing the budgets of the alphabet soups and reduce spending to 05 levels
tbarwaifu 5 months
I couldn’t agree more

Michael Hedderson 5 months
In that photo it looks like Mnuchin himself has been breached

Seth Harpenger 5 months
so stop giving out free shit

Rocky LeBlanc 4 months
This is literally the most important issue and receives almost no coverage or discussion among politicians.

Miles O'Brien 4 months
How much is that wall going to cost? How much is trump paying farmers for tariff stalled ag sales?

William 5 months
Man, we'll breach it this week if Congress keeps doing things like giving ICE a blank check without any regulatory clauses. Thanks Pelosi for wasting our tax money.
Beisht Kione 5 months
ICE isnt what's going to break the bank. You just cherry picked ICE, because you're pro open borders.