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Lord Baktor 5 months
Go into a foreign country and demand shit. It's the admirable thing to do.
Barra Cudda 5 months
its almost like an invasion
Interdimensional alien 5 months
Fashionable colonialism 🤔
Ilya Yakymenko 5 months
They actually think we're stupid. And if we let them be, we'll prove that we are stupid.

Tin Ego 5 months
Great opportunity to grab them all in one place and remove them from Metropolitan France. I believe France still have some rocks in the Pacific they could drop them on.

Dr. Respect 5 months
"that took place" no "IS TAKING PLACE STILL" the yellow vest movement is still going on every weekend
Turn N Burn 5 months
are yellow vests and black vests the same?
Booble Plus 5 months
The fucking mods squashed my correction because they are part of the problem. This summary is clearly a fucking shill running damage control and pushing propaganda.

Seed 5 months
Such self-entitlement.....

Little grim reaper 5 months
if the black vests wanted citizenship they should have applied legally at an embassy or government office now all they will get is a ticket back to wherever they came From
James Delnort 5 months
Crossing my fingers.

Julian 5 months
Deport those parasites

James Delnort 5 months
Takes an incredibly low IQ to illegally invade a country and then place demands on the good people of that country to provide papers, pronto! They need to be rounded up and returned to Africa immediately. And charge them for the trouble.

Danny 5 months
I really cant understand how anyone could put up with that. To go to a foreign nation and just expect anything as if youre entitled is such a parasitic mentality.

Steven Arkin 5 months
You want the proper papers? .... ok *hands them all deportation papers* now fuck off

The Civic Nationalist 5 months
Ah, if only violence would be excused for anyone other than illegal migrants and communists.

Anubis 5 months
Hope all the Yellow Vests show up and give them all a Black eye.....fuck off you opportunistic freeloaders! France owes you nothing.

David James 5 months
that sounds alot like a thing Soros would fund...

RaiRai 5 months
I hate the word undocumented. Just say it as it is, illegal!

Booble Plus 5 months
Newsvoice is acitvely biased for (the agenda)

Monster Mash 5 months
you want papers? go back home and enter legally.

Naidu VGA 5 months
So that's all it takes? Gather round my paperless friends. We will squeeze the balls outta this country into giving us free papers.

Booble Plus 5 months
This summary is fucking biased you fucking shitbags fuck you mods you have to read about this before you ban me you fucking retards.

Michael Hedderson 5 months
Newsvoice Safespace views: 'Yellow Vests' Yayyyy, brilliant, amazing 'Black Vests' Dump them all in the Pacific, round them all up and kick em out, scum!

Knights Templar 4 months
Get the fuck out you illegal alien rapists