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Christopher Stone 6 days
Seriously why are they telling us when the raid is going to happen? Shouldn't that be a surprise.
Perry McCorkle 6 days
conservatives are trying to scare folk into self deporting before the real roundup starts.
Wholly Mindless 6 days
Or progressives trying to show fear and division.
Perry McCorkle 6 days
conservatives do have control of all 3 branches of the fed gov so I don't see where progressives are involved in this policy

Judi Em 6 days
Someone probably 'leaked' it.

WWG1WGA 6 days
BYE BYE time to go. I hope at least a million if not 5 million would be AMAZING
Beisht Kione 6 days
15 million to go
Hannibal 6 days
That's a smidge ambitious. We don't even have holding facilities for a tenth that number.
rj9955hi 5 days
we don't need to hold them, that's the point

RJOHN 6 days
Well why don't we just publish exactly which address we are gonna' hit. Wouldn't want anyone to be caught by surprise or anything like that...smh

KC 6 days
Illegal is exactly what it means! They play on the hearts of "socialists" by any means necessary! That's why there's an increase in child abductions and kids with no parents held at the border. Lunatic libs need to take the blinders off!!
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
KC they deplore that term... “Liberal” is more marketable.

themdg MOD 6 days
Sign: Love has no border! USA: Move to Love. The US has one.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
Technically the US should have three land borders. Mexico-L48, Canada-L48 and Canada-Alaska.
Beisht Kione 5 days
Son, not having an overwhelming issue with maplebacks, other than their bizarre driving on WA highways hehehe
Interdimensional alien 5 days
I think he meant the US has a defined border. Also technically it includes water as well as the land north and south of the contiguous 48.

Beck70 6 days
Let everyone believe the raids are happening Sunday. Surprise them by showing up early.
Oliver Biscuit 6 days
I'm hoping ICE hits 10 different cities than the ones listed, total surprise to anyone who thinks they're safe in.... Idaho or some other place. 😂

Russ Kurtell 6 days
We really just need to help Mexico rid itself of the cartels & rebuild their economy. At the end of the day, the people of Mexico are good people. All this becomes moot if we do that, and it could probably be done in 10-15 years.
Turn N Burn 6 days
But then thats telling brown people what to do. The liberals will freak out.
Julian Beaupre 6 days
i agree that getting rid of the cartels would solve a lot of mexicos problems, but how would the us go about this without yet again seeming like an interventionalist warmonger?
Blake Hobba 6 days
Exactly! And it would cost so much less.

Watheverable GRAMPS 6 days
Send them back home!

Dave 5 days
"Love has no border!" I bet you still lock your door when you leave the house though don't you?

Gucci Swag B 6 days
Deport them all.

F G 6 days
Good! Round them up and take them home. Ilegal Aliens have no rights in a country that's not theirs
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
I disagree with that statement. They are people with human rights. Thataboutit. Otherwise I agree. The democrats are playing the “Race Card” because racial tensions and outrage culture is one of the few things holding their voting base together. it’s honestly a shame that they feel the need to pander to people whom are probably rapists and human traffickers.
HueHueo Suezo 5 days
Indeed. Everyone gets basic human rights, but unfortunately for them the U.S. doesn't agree that immigration is a human right, and neither do I.
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 days
Immigration is technically a human right... you have the right to flee oppression and catastrophe. It’s like marriage in that you are not entitled to flee wherever you want. You are at the mercy of the society/nation you decide to flee to.

mcpimpen 6 days
Please stop using my tax dollars for this shit...
Jesse Morgan 6 days
Please keep using our tax dollars for this. at least is it's going to somthing that Majority agree with.
Beisht Kione 6 days
No. My tax dollars are being wasted on these illegals. Removing the source of the issue is necessary. A small investment for a long term return.
Julian Beaupre 6 days
bruh you are wasting your tax dollars paying for people who aren't paying into the same system. you are wasting it on freeloaders. this is solving that problem.

Larry 6 days
About time! I was beginning to think the felony offence of entering this country illegally was to be rewarded while being a lawful citizen was to be punished.

Beck70 6 days
The only ones who need to be fearful are those here illegally, and those who help them to evade deportation.

Alex Stovall 6 days
So at an ice raid do they just walk into businesses and arrest brown people?😂
Beisht Kione 6 days
Blake Hobba 6 days
Hey you! Stop paying more taxes per capita than the citizen flipping burgers next to you! If you can't file for a rebate, you can giiiiiit ouuuut!

Andrew 1010 6 days
Kick em out son!

Larry 5 days
LOL...Love has no borders. Fine, move there. The United States has borders and laws. Break the law pay the consequences.

James Delnort 6 days
Good! I can only hope.

David M. Bebber 6 days
I figure that the Administration is giving different amounts and city's to each person 'in the know' so they can track down who their leakers are.... it's what I could have done.