FTC to Facebook: Pony up 5 billion

FTC to Facebook: Pony up 5 billion

The FTC approved a 5 billion dollar fine levied against Facebook relating to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. 87 million Facebook users found that their private data had been obtained by Cambridge Analytica. The FTC vote was 3-2 in favor. The vote not surprisingly fell along party lines. 3 Republicans in favor with 2 Democrats opposed.

Benjamin Eshbach
Benjamin Eshbach
Larry 9 months

Why do these companies pay fines to governments and agencies for OUR data being "made public"? Shouldn't that money be sent to those who's personal info was breached?

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 9 months

Facebook needs to be broken up.

Fred Armstrong
Fred Armstrong 9 months

plot twist. He pays it in libras

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson 9 months

That’s a drop in the bucket for Mr. Alien Zuckerberg

Nicholas Thompson
Nicholas Thompson 9 months

The Zuck alone has over 15 times that much money and makes billions per year. Not only does this do fuckall for whoever was affected by this, but 5 bil means almost nothing to a company worth way way more than that. And now that the lawsuit is pretty much dropped we have lost one of our saving graces to stopping silicone valley bending us over and fucking us over and over when it comes to important matters like this.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 8 months

Please bankrupt that reptile android looking mf'er.

Nika D
Nika D 8 months

When do we file our class action suit as the consumers whose privacy was breached? Got to make it more than a wrist slap.

Rhonda 9 months

Fuck you Facebook

Rocco Rattlebag
Rocco Rattlebag 9 months

Is Zuck going to pay that in Vulcan Pesos?

Big Nate
Big Nate 9 months

I deleted my Facebook over a year ago and I have to say it feels pretty nice.

Sir_Kutz 8 months

We need to find Zuckerberg’s mother ship to send him home.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 8 months

FB: Only $5B? Nice doing business with you.

Akira Kevin
Akira Kevin 9 months

but what happens with that money? there's no way in hell this goes down without fb having gotten something in return, even if it was a promise for a huge future favor. the swamp is too corrupt.

MrVairhein 9 months

good. fuck that daywalker

Pj Sina
Pj Sina 9 months


Dave 8 months

$5 billion? Zuckerberg might have to work for an entire week to get that back!

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 8 months

Mark sucker berg actually tracks joke you make about him

The Dragon
The Dragon 9 months

The American government takes hush money and these coorperations continue to walk all over us.

Marion P.
Marion P. 8 months

They should add a couple zeroes to that.

Sir_Kutz 9 months

It’s more of a bribe than a settlement. Don’t break up Facebook, rid the world of it.

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