Earthquake strikes Indonesia

Earthquake strikes Indonesia

Indonesia struck by an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 earthquake in the Moluccas islands. Residents panicked but no major damage has been reported so far. The quake occurred at a depth of 10 km (6 miles) in an area 168 km southeast of the city of Ternate

Tom A
Tom A
Barra Cudda
Barra Cudda 6 months


Rick Richardson
Rick Richardson 6 months

End if the world.As we know it.

Russell Daggett
Russell Daggett 6 months

Wow, and no tsunami warning either. glad to hear there seems to be nearly no reports of damage.

Dave 6 months

Okay Indonesia, it's not a competition with California to see who can have the biggest earthquake. Calm down.

Paul C
Paul C 6 months

Damn that global warming!

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