China-friendly Taiwan mayor wins presidential primary

China-friendly Taiwan mayor wins presidential primary

A China-friendly mayor in Taiwan on Monday won the nomination for the 2020 presidential election, posting a direct challenge to President Tsai Ing-wen who is seeking re-election. Kaohsiung mayor Han Kuo-yu beat four other contenders, including the billionaire founder of Apple supplier Foxconn, Terry Gou. The self-ruled island is set to hold its presidential election in January.

michael zubas
michael zubas 6 months

Not. Good.

Seed 6 months

I definitely am concerned about the China question. The Diplomat in a June piece seems to portray this as Trump-Clinton all over again but does go very in-depth (and perhaps The Diplomat is right)

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 6 months

That’s not good for the US arms industry!

ICblades 6 months

if the us wants to fuck over China they just need to ask if they would like to join the union

david dindu
david dindu 6 months

i winder if the opposition party will investigate him for chinese collusion

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