First Ebola patient in eastern Congo’s main city dies

First Ebola patient in eastern Congo’s main city dies

The first Ebola patient in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo’s largest city, Goma, has died. The patient was a priest who became infected during a visit to the town of Butembo, one of the epicentres of the outbreak. He was being driven to a clinic in Butembo on Monday to receive treatment when he died.

IIZard 1 year

achievement unlocked

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 1 year

o in a major city and 0 contained 1 down 7 billion to go as it starts to spread like wildfire... how have they not declared a international crisis yet all we need is one guy to get on a plain and infect a major city in another country and this thing is global

Observer 1 year

Move on folks, nothing to see here. There is no need to alert this or draw much attention to it. WHO: 🙃

Alulim of Sumer
Alulim of Sumer 1 year

it's gonna spread like wildfire. Get it under control now. call in the army! declare martial law! impose curfew! this shit is no joke.

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