Killer posts photos of victim’s body on social media

Killer posts photos of victim’s body on social media

17 year old Bianca Devins was found murdered in Utica , New York. Her body was discovered after police received calls about photos of the victim were being posted online by 21 year old Brandon Clark. Clark also called local 911 operators and made incriminating statements. Clark attempted to take his own life and was admitted to the hospital after being found by police.

Benjamin Eshbach
Benjamin Eshbach
Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 6 months

The way you tubers, particularly female ones expose themselves online as if the world doesn't have insane people, I'm amazed this doesn't happen more often.

Marshall X
Marshall X 6 months

Who the fuck is this chick. I have never heard of her.

MT144 6 months

Belle Delphine's head on a pike when?

ConcealCarryProtect 6 months

Gamer Girls Beware. He leaked her information with this one simple trick. Find out how he did it

FirstCensorshipThenJail 6 months

Things are not as you think they are. There is a lot more to this child than what the media is telling you.

Robert 6 months

2016: RACEWAR NOW 2019: SEXWAR NOW 2022: ??????

Luficer Morningstar
Luficer Morningstar 6 months

So a thot dies and we care why?

Seed 6 months

This is why you be careful with who you meet online

Vashman 6 months

Utica is never in the news for good things.

MGTOW Man 6 months

Very, very sad. But I am very surprised something like this has not happened before.

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