Harris vows to ’put people over profit’ in prescription drug plan

Harris vows to ’put people over profit’ in prescription drug plan

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris unveiled a plan on Tuesday to crack down on pharma companies which overcharge for prescription drugs. Harris said her proposal would dramatically lower drug costs by allowing the federal government to set fair prices for what companies can charge.

David M. Bebber
David M. Bebber 6 months

"Put people over profits"... sounds like a recipe for scarcity to me. Who is supposed to provide this care at a loss?

Property 6 months

oh yay, another round of meaningless promises.

JASOB Rocky 6 months

She locked up parents of truant kids, had worked to keep people locked up for prison labor unions/private prison labor but yup.... she would go after her donors? bye Felicia!

MightyMargulis 6 months

thats not how business works.

Red Lens
Red Lens 6 months

The government has no business making these decisions.

Paul C
Paul C 6 months

Wow wouldn't it be great if everything was just free?! Which candidate can give me that?

William 6 months

You know what else reduces the cost of drugs? Putting it under a Medicare-for-All system that costs less for everyone because of how many healthy people it covers and the lack of premiums and deductibles.

Ray Love
Ray Love 6 months

My grandpa takes 26 pills every single dad and my grandma takes half as many as he does. They rather have a system that actually helps them improves healths not shove pills down your throat. They haven't seen a Doctor in God's know how long, every specialist he goes to they only let them see a Nurse practitioner, and they don't help shit. Low drug cost sounds good for a small short term effect, but what about the long term what about actually healing people.

Russ Kurtell
Russ Kurtell 6 months

Harris propaganda push yet again. She'll flop like swallow-well.

James Sanford (Retroambassador)
James Sanford (Retroambassador) 6 months

too bad she didn't do that on the issue of prison slave labor.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 6 months

Unless the profit goes into her pocket.

COOOKIEI 6 months

She’ll lower the prices for all citizens, and give it to illegals for free! Great plan kamala can’t fucking wait

themdg 6 months

Why does she always look just a little bit damp?

Joaly nocontroly
Joaly nocontroly 6 months

She is a pathological liar.. thankfully she has literally zero chance of ever being POTUS.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 6 months

"people over profit" is code for "I have no idea how to pay for this shit!"

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