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Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 weeks

Ok. Two things (even though I can't stand these social media @$$es) 1) They're so big because we let the government (particularly Republicans) deregulate so much they bought anyone who dared compete 2) Since when did PRIVATE BUSINESS not have the right to refuse service? Especially when said refusal is because someone repeatedly and unapologetically breaks the TOS?

Adrian 1 weeks

These law makers want to punish the companies for declining service to users who visit their TOS, but also want to hold these same companies accountable for the content users put into these services. Holy are conservatives are special.

Iam 1 weeks

If Congress can't make laws against the 1st NO ONE should be able to

Iam 1 weeks

Yet nothing gets done when the democrats incite violence like Maxine Waters did, and other ones.

Barry 1 weeks

If conservative thought would stop being crackpot conspiracy nutter theories then you wouldn't run into this problem

C 1 weeks

Unchecked power is ALWAYS bad.

Indo 1 weeks

For those of us not getting the picture here, its more important to know that there are controls in place and not left to easy manipulations

Rensa 1 weeks

Funny i dont see anyone getting banned for talking about defict spending or the free market. Or is it the social opinions they have a problem with?

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