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Sen. Manchin says he doesn’t support D.C. statehood

Sen. Manchin says he doesn’t support D.C. statehood

Sen. Joe Manchin said Friday that he doesn’t support the D.C. statehood bill. ’If Congress wants to make D.C. a state, it should propose a constitutional amendment ... and let the people of America vote,’ Manchin said. Without Manchin’s support, the bill, which passed the House last week, is unlikely to reach the 60-vote threshold needed to send it to President Biden’s desk.

Sapper 1 weeks

Guys, they’re trying the same in the U.K.- they want London to be its own country. That means the financial hub of the world will be autonomous and (more) unaccountable to the people. When will everyone wake up, we truly are sleep walking into totalitarianism and communism.

John 1 weeks

They are literally trying to give a city statehood. This isn't about voting rights, this is about votes in the senate. It just feels opportunistic.

Kaffee 1 weeks

Making DC a state explicitly violates the 23rd amendment. There are already explicit considerations for what it's given in terms of the EC in that amendment. Is congress just trying to test to see if they can violate the constitution to the law with amendments besides the 2nd and 4th?

John Bull
John Bull 1 weeks

Good! DC is not supposed to be a state. The left are trying for tyranny, we gotta stand firm! ❤🇺🇸

Barry 1 weeks

People living in DC are taxed without representation. Either make them a state, move other state lines to cover them, or stop taxing them

T 1 weeks

Even with Manchin they need ten Republicans? Ok, if they think they can get ten, they could get eleven. If you think about it, it does make sense.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Nice to see a normal AMERICAN democrat. 80's and early 90's democrats which i still disagreed with were still AMERICA First not this vile socialist/communist authoritarian dictators who hate this country and want to destroy us.

Kathy 1 weeks

How dare he deny citizens of the United States the right to vote. We have already seen what many conservatives think of black people voting. This is just another power grab from the old white establishment. You keep refusing to allow people to have a voice in a democracy and they have no choice but to riot in the streets.

Mike 1 weeks

OK, DC is a unique entity - a Federal District, never a colony, state or territory. It was never intended to become a state. But no voting legislative representation is a problem. Solution: allow two elected Senators but one from each of the two parties that have most Senate seats. In this case one Democrat and one Republican. Both Senators to run for office in the same year. Allow the one Representative to be elected by popular vote.

fassil 1 weeks

Proof that white America is still about Domination... for more than a Century DC's Population is mainly African American, besides those who commute to work from other cities. So the audacity to deny the citizens their Rights to self govern by outsiders who come themselves from self governed States tells a lot about the Land of the Free.. still stuck in the mindset of yesterday

Max 1 weeks

As long as Congress and the White House aren't in a state, it's not a violation of the constitution. The fact that there are MILLIONS of people in the US being taxed WITHOUT REPRESENTATION is absurd. There is no good argument for DC not to become a state. If your argument is "But Democratic Senators!!", then you are so blatantly partisan it's ridiculous. I care about democracy and fair representation more than I care about my party having a stranglehold over the federal government.

michael 1 weeks

I just read the part of the constitution regarding the creation of a state. It just says that congress does it. Nothing in there about an amendment. Congress voting on DC statehood does not violate the constitution. It doesn't divide or combine previously existing states.

Jon 1 weeks

"without his support unable to reach 60 vote threshold.". Wtf? Care to tell me what 10 Republicans were prepared to vote for this? The reason he can say he doesn't support it is because it would never pass without first eliminating the filibuster.

Matthew 1 weeks

Mr. Manchin and I have many many policy disagreements. That said, at least he has principles and love the country and constitution. Thanks for being the only person in the Senate willing to risk their career for what they think is right.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

If anything put the cesspool back as part of Delaware (which in the beginning most D.C. was or add it to Maryland. A wretched area can NOT become a state.

Shmule 1 weeks

If they want DC to have congressional and state reps, they should declare DC and national park then give it back to Maryland like they did with Arlington.

Rafael 1 weeks

I'm beginning question Joe Manchin loyalty to the democratic party. For the last four years all I hear from Joe Manchin is disagree with every bill the democrats put out there. My question is why are democrats still putting up with Joe Manchin? This guy is nothing but a traitor and should be kicked out of the Democratic party.

Andrew 1 weeks

I remember reading from another article that the statehood of DC would result in an advantage for Democrats, but I'm not sure how that all plays out. If anyone can explain it to me, it would be greatly appreciated.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 weeks

Good because anyone with sense would realize the absolute stupidity of such a bill

Seekster 1 weeks

DC should retrocede the residential buildings and the land on them to Maryland (except for the White House of course). Making it a literal city state is absurd. The only sound argument made in support of DC statehood is taxation without representation which is a problem better resolved by retrocession.

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