Wasp spray used as meth alternative linked to overdose deaths

Wasp spray used as meth alternative linked to overdose deaths

At least three overdose deaths in West Virginia may be linked to a growing trend in Boone County where drug users are allegedly turning to wasp spray as an alternative to methamphetamine. West Virginia State Police said that people are using the cans of insect repellent to create a synthetic version of the drug. Stores in Boone County sold nearly 30 cans of wasp spray on Friday alone.

Coolidge 6 months

Nasal wasps are a serious concern

- Minus -
- Minus - 6 months

Self correcting problem.

St. Salton
St. Salton 6 months

Natural selection

Rocco Rattlebag
Rocco Rattlebag 6 months

Sooo waste of life repellent...

space ghost
space ghost 6 months


Pyro Crusader
Pyro Crusader 6 months

I think all meth heads & junkie should try the "wasp spray challenge"!

.       .
. . 6 months

Nobody?! BOONE COUNTY?!?!?! Comedy gold!🤣

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 6 months

The ironic twist is that several of them have died from wasp stings.

Big Bang Boi
Big Bang Boi 6 months

Who’s complaining?

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 6 months

There's a good bit of gene pool cleansing. Stupid children of stupid parents shouldn't breed.

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