Musk says his SpaceX Starship could go to the moon by 2021

Musk says his SpaceX Starship could go to the moon by 2021

SpaceX founder Elon Musk said that he believes his company’s Starship spacecraft could return humans to the surface of the moon just a few years from now. ’I think we could land on the moon in less than two years’, said Musk in an interview.

michael zubas
michael zubas 6 months

as Woody Harrelson once put it. "It's Nut up or Shut up time."

Thomas Watson
Thomas Watson 6 months

I was promised catgirls

Jerry Totten
Jerry Totten 6 months

it isn't a starship then is it? Unless Elon is hiding a warp drive in there.

SûmFigöt 6 months

Then do it.

Paul C
Paul C 6 months

Stories like these are starting to remind me of Robert Heinlein's whole colonization of the moon story arc.

Ben 6 months

.... For the first time

Daniel Rust
Daniel Rust 6 months

habitual liar says lie

Hank Hill
Hank Hill 6 months

right after we give a third of our bugdet to Israel for no reason

As Told By Anakin Skywalker
As Told By Anakin Skywalker 6 months

huh. so if it launches now it'll land in 2021?

Hffidn Gxjxn
Hffidn Gxjxn 6 months

believe when I see it

Booble Plus
Booble Plus 6 months

Elon musk is really starting to piss me off with these lies. This fucker wants to microchip you and your kids and fuck with your brain, legitimately.

mellomunchies 6 months

don't believe it 'til I see it, Musk!

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 6 months

Elon always promises to deliver way before he can, and when he finally produces, it's small volume and takes years to work out the bugs. His space X program is trying the old USSR strategy of combining several smaller rockets instead of engineering a large one, and the inability of the USSR'S economy and it's non meritocratic system of producing professionals meant that due to both engineering hurdles and cost, producing a Saturn rocket was non optional; The limitations of what the market can sustain in terms of shipping things out of atmosphere, means the cost constraints that prevent building a Saturn equivalent, have Musk trapped in the same multi rocket trap the Soviets had. Rockets are simultaneously stupidly simple in theory, and unbelievably complex in execution, which is why strapping several rockets together and getting them to work in tandem absolutely perfectly, is so difficult to actually pull off.

Nikolozka 6 months

We've heard all that before...

David 6 months

Only if you give me 100 million dollars

Kenguru Safari
Kenguru Safari 6 months

Elon will be first? Will they even allow it?

James Smith
James Smith 6 months

let's get this going

alsroy757 6 months

yeah but Elan is it one to stay true to deadlines

Justin White
Justin White 6 months

Private sector accomplishing things faster and more efficiently than beurocratic governments? Say it ain't so! Can't wait to be the first generation of people to have actually landed a human on the moon.

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