Mnuchin promises ’very, very strong’ crypto regulations

Mnuchin promises ’very, very strong’ crypto regulations

In the aftermath of the US Congress and Senate Banking Committee’ hearings on Facebook’s Libra coin, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has promised that the US will police cryptocurrencies with ’very, very strong’ regulations. ’We’re going to make sure that Bitcoin doesn’t become the equivalent of Swiss-numbered bank accounts’, said Mnuchin.

Rick Smith
Rick Smith 6 months

They made an entire Nextflix series called Ozarks based directly on laundering cash, you moron

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 6 months

Lying bastard. This is Wall St/FIAT bank scaremongering propaganda. His masters in the criminal banking system have told him to utter these lies.

Julian Collot
Julian Collot 6 months

Another great reason to use bitcoin

WhatMeWorry? 6 months

Paradigm shifts suck for those entrenched in the past.

David M. Bebber
David M. Bebber 6 months

Translation: Its hard to know how much BTC you have, and where it came from... We don't like that.

Raymond M Hein Jr
Raymond M Hein Jr 6 months

more fake news the banks are trying really hard

CoLpOeSnED 6 months

I thought Republicans were about less government oversight?

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