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Teen rapper Tay-K convicted of murder in Texas home invasion

Teen rapper Tay-K convicted of murder in Texas home invasion

Teen rapper Taymor McIntyre who goes by the name Tay-K was found guilty on Friday in the death of a 21-year-old man during a home invasion robbery. He was convicted by an Arlington jury of murder and aggravated robbery for his role in the July 2016 death of Ethan Walker in his home in Mansfield, southeast of Fort Worth.

CakeSorcerer 1 year

Despite being 13% of the population....

Black Propaganda
Black Propaganda 1 year

Every delinquent with a sound cloud is suddenly a "rapper" these days... 😒

R0411 1 year

Rap music is some of the worst music of all time. The vast majority of it does nothing but espouse and glorify terrible behaviors that are counter productive to a decent society. I would go so far to say that rap music and the welfare state have done more harm to the black community than nearly 100 years of Jim Crow laws.

MT144 1 year

he a gewd boy, he dindu nuffin!

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 1 year

How dare racist popo convict this empowered individual Bigots I’m transracial

Pusmaw 1 year


T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 1 year

He was doing it to get money for school. He was gonna be a doctor. He dindu nuffin wrong.

Rocco Rattlebag
Rocco Rattlebag 1 year


Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 year

I'd say if he wants to live like an animal let him. Drop him and others like him on an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean and let God sort them out.

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 1 year

Rap as evolved into a degenerate message that poisons not just the black youth, but potentially all youth.

WWG1WGA 1 year

He dindu nuffin he wuz a gud boi. Where's Obama " If I had a son this is what he'd be like"

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 1 year

Gingers be gingering

Eric Butler
Eric Butler 1 year

When keepin it real goes wrong.

CheekyGreenConure 1 year

A Dindu trying to be a lawyer or doctor

Anubis 1 year

Show me one that DOESN'T think they're a "rapper".

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 1 year

The ABC article isn’t even the same story...

Observer 1 year

Now he’s gonna catch a case ‘of aids’

Intolerance Man
Intolerance Man 1 year

He’s gonna he called Lil Kanus in the pen.

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