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Polish city’s first LGBT pride parade disrupted

Polish city’s first LGBT pride parade disrupted

Over 800 supporters of LGBT+ rights waved rainbow-colored flags in the eastern Polish city of Bialystok on Saturday to host the first pride parade in Poland. But the march was marred by violence from soccer hooligans and conservative campaigners staged counter protests, local police said.

Nicholas Noel
Nicholas Noel 1 year

"far-right violence" for all we know it was the far-left because they weren't gay enough.

Seekster 1 year

Poland has no patience for your nonsense. They are waiting for the Winged Hussars to arrive.

The Real AY-MO
The Real AY-MO 1 year

I never hated gays until they started acting like it was their right to get in other people's faces about their bedroom decisions. Now I'm actually pro-shariah!

Kramo 1 year

Shut up! I don't need to hear about your life.

Little Scar
Little Scar 1 year

The rainbow belongs to God. Quit trying to pervert the symbol you sodomites!

John W
John W 1 year

well they claimed it was "we just want to be let alone to our thing". at some point they turned it around to be the bullies. I know it's. not everyone but the others do seem to be rather silent on the issue.

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 1 year

Would it be ok if they said they were fine with homosexuality but didn't want an entire day of tacky parades with penis floats and grotesque drag queens or people in bondage graphically simulating bumming and blowing each other? Or an entire pride month where it's rammed down everyone's gob.

Seth Racc
Seth Racc 1 year

Poland have made it clear they are against the ideology of the LGBTQ Community, not non- straights.

Monster Mash
Monster Mash 1 year

thank god I know many sensible gay people, ones that don't wear Thier sexuality as a badge of honour. because the rest of these attention seeking twats make me question pushing for equal rights in my country. Mostly because I naively thought that equal rights were enough for the whole LGBT community.

Andrew Colomy
Andrew Colomy 1 year

I have become so numb to homsexuality and its influence on our culture. it used to seem like something so rebellious and countercultural. The polarities have reversed, and now LGBTQ is marketable and every single company is eating it up. it's so mainstream now. The left wanted an end to racism, sexism and homophobia and in the last couple of decades we've actually achieved that as a society. For some insane reason though, they still think women, minorities and homosexuals are oppressed here so they want to give them more and more benefits. I never thought I'd see the day when straight white conservatives would become the new punk.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 1 year

LGTBP isn't about love, it's about being a devient, pushing to end family's, aborting as many baby's as possible, and the collapse of the West, basically it's feminism.

Seekster 1 year

The Poles are more against the oppressive leftist identitarian agenda...its almost like they know what it's like to be under the heel of an oppressive far left agenda...

Rocco Rattlebag
Rocco Rattlebag 1 year

Polish jokes + Gay jokes = low hanging fruit and far too easy.

Innerparty 1 year

The Poles just don't want Western ideological bs. Did the alphabet soup crowd really think there wouldn't be a backlash to their propaganda?

Luficer Morningstar
Luficer Morningstar 1 year

isn't it LGBTQP now since they are trying to push being a pedophile as normal now

Attack Helicopter ́ (Mi 24 Hind)
Attack Helicopter ́ (Mi 24 Hind) 1 year

On the other side you can watch how it ends, if you let them run arround and do what they want. Next you get 8 year old drag kids in gay bars striping for money to get all the pedophiles wet and horny.... Call me biggot, but Spock had a great phrase for this times. 😏

Booble Plus
Booble Plus 1 year

"C'mon the bible's sexist and racist theres no way women and jews are responsible for destroying everything" *Looks around after winning the fight for womens rights, winning both world wars* "Oh, now all of the kids are being turned into mentally unstable prostitutes and my taxes are paying for it"

IIZard 1 year

the gay agenda has nothing to do with love

GG WP 1 year

This is what happens in the civilised countries. The "west" should be taking notes diligently. 🤓

The Dragon
The Dragon 1 year

This was too Faggotty even for my Gay ass

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