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DNC hauls in $8.5 million in June

DNC hauls in $8.5 million in June

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) hauled in $8.5 million in June. Federal Election Commission disclosures show that the DNC spent $7.5 million last month and finished June with about $9.3 million cash on hand. While the Republican National Committee has not yet disclosed its June fundraising figures, it had ended May with $37 million cash on hand.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 1 year

I thought Trump pulled in three times that amount on his own

CoLpOeSnED 1 year

DNC doesnt deserve any donations- corrupt core

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 year

When you have 20+ non-charasmatic presidential candidates. It is surprising they even got $8 million. Seriously, which candidate is the money going to?

AY-MO 1 year

The vast majority of the money Trump has raised will stay in his pocket.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 year

Why is there apicture trump here?

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