Israeli crews demolish Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem

Israeli crews demolish Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem

Israeli work crews have begun demolishing dozens of Palestinian homes in an East Jerusalem neighborhood. The demolitions capped a years-long legal battle over the buildings, built along the West Bank. Israel says the buildings were erected too close to its West Bank separation barrier. Residents say the buildings are on West Bank land, and the Palestinian Authority gave them construction permits.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 8 months

The PA and Hamas have been manipulating the Palestinian people and using them as political pawns for decades. I'm certain this is the exact outcome the PA anticipated when they issued the illegal building permits, to gain victim points. Hopefully, the PA and/or Israel compensated these home owners for these unauthorized buildings.

Seed 8 months

Ah, the Israel-Palestine controversy. If Israel wasn't backed by the U.S. all these years it would be toast. U.S. support, in a sense, is key to its survival. Maintaining massive influence in American politics is thus very important for Israel. That in itself poses problems but is not inherently wrong. The real question regards whether the current U.S.-Israeli relationship is obfuscating to the average individual what is actually happening. Presenting a case critical of Israel's actions is difficult because a) support for Israel is extremely mainstream and is accepted without question, and b) criticism of Israel is often conflated with anti-Semitism. That anti-Semitic critics of Israel exist is certainly true, and they certainly do not aid the case for Palestine. But even then, are any of their criticisms valid? If so, which ones? Here is an interesting question to ponder: is there any way for Israel and Palestine to coexist without a two-State solution? Granted, democracy probably will not work as separatist movements, fanatics, and radicals can easily destroy this theoretical one-state democracy given the political climate of the region. Republics are easily corroded into democracies, and while I do consider myself a monarchist, I have reservations about saying that a monarchy will flat-up solve this political question, especially given how Israel's political relationships exist in reality.

Cory Pritchard
Cory Pritchard 8 months

Criticize the government of Israel, don't slander jews based on the atrocities of a government.

.       .
. . 8 months

End Israeli apartheid!

.       .
. . 8 months

All the Jews in this app suspiciously quiet. Where's the outrage, the humanity?!?!

Mitchell 8 months

If I had a genie I would wish these groups could find common ground and get along. But I don't have a genie anymore.

Naidu VGA
Naidu VGA 8 months

Joos never end with their monkey business. They always know how to pick the winning sides. Guess history has taught them well

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