France finds wreckage of submarine which disappeared in 1968

France finds wreckage of submarine which disappeared in 1968

A French submarine lost in 1968 in the Mediterranean was finally found on Monday, ending a 51-year wait for families of the deceased who continue to seek answers to the naval disaster. The wreck of the diesel and electric-powered Minerve submarine lost off France’s southern coast with 52 sailors on board was discovered 45 kilometers off the southern French port of Toulon.

Tom A
Tom A
DivineDawn 6 months

now I want to know why it sank

ConcealCarryProtect 6 months

Wish I had a submarine. I would be Captain Nemo right now, away from all the world.

Hannibal 6 months

There's just something funny about France having a Defense Minister comment on the matter despite having no expertise, qualifications, or experience in military affairs. Tells you how highly the Macron government esteems its armed force.

Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 6 months

a French submarine? guess if you need to avoid conflict a submarine is a good way to do so. last words of the sub captain, "they'll never find us down here!"

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 6 months

Damn nice find!

WhatMeWorry? 6 months

Yay, France.

Andrew Franklin
Andrew Franklin 6 months

It was aliens!

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