Louisiana cop says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be shot

Louisiana cop says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be shot

A Louisiana officer Charlie Rispoli of the Gretna Police Department made a comment about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Facebook on Thursday. The now-deleted post said ’this vile idiot needs a round and I don’t mean the kind she used to serve.’ His comment appeared to suggest that Ocasio-Cortez should be shot and Officer Angelo Varisco who liked also has been fired.

Got Truth
Got Truth 1 year

It’s true, AOC does have the intelligence of a chiclet. She doesn’t deserve to be shot, but she does deserve to get chewed.

Seekster 1 year

She deserves to work at her old bar and lose her job over the $15 minimum wage. She ain't worth a bullet.

david dindu
david dindu 1 year

wants to cut military salary to boost congressional salary

Beck70 1 year

As much as I despise her politics, advocating for violence or death to her is inexcusable. He deserved what he got. Idiot.

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 1 year

Oh no...don't give this imbecile victim points to whine on about....

ShivatheObserver 1 year

Disciplinary action? Justified. Firing? Overkill.

Max Maidment
Max Maidment 1 year

Maybe my non gun culture bias but when I first read it I couldn't grasp the meaning exactly, but could only imagine he was talking about a round of boxing or something. It's a devil's advocate argument at least. Stupid statement nonetheless.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 year

Louisiana cop needs to lose his job and go to jail.

Barra Cudda
Barra Cudda 1 year

Once again, the protected classes get infinitely better protection than anyone else. I would accept this as just, if the same level of protection was afforded to everyone. It is not, so this is not. One rule for thee, one rule for me, as usual.

Booble Plus
Booble Plus 1 year

She does derseve to be shot, out of a cannon, as part of a legally sanctioned punishment after a swift and just trial in a federal court.

Unity.Nat 1 year

He should still have his Job. But it should have just been a slap on the wrists.

axel johns
axel johns 1 year

she is an idiot but it's a little ironic and funny that this guy is a boomer who fell for and shared fake news

Kenguru Safari
Kenguru Safari 1 year

she needs a shot of something. not sure what

Macius 1 year

Like every commie in the world

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 year

Why shot her? She is the best thing that could happen to Republicans!

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