ICE releases US citizen wrongfully detained at border

ICE releases US citizen wrongfully detained at border

The ICE has released a U.S.-born 18-year-old from immigration custody Tuesday after wrongfully detaining him for more than three weeks. Francisco Erwin Galicia left a detention center in Pearsall, Texas, on Tuesday, less than a day after reports about his case drew national attention. According to reports, agents apprehended Galicia on suspicion that he was in the U.S. illegally.

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 1 year

He was traveling near the border with his brother, who actually is an illegal alien. He has a tourist visa, indicating he is a citizen of Mexico. The name on his birth certificate is fake because his mom used a fake name. Sounds like they had good reasons to detain this dude.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 1 year

Still not as bad as Obama was with deportation and "concentration camps".

david dindu
david dindu 1 year

lucky him. free food and rent for a month

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 year

No profiling, to be sure.

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing
ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 1 year

Kid should have a settlement in the bag if he wants to sue...

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