Mark Esper confirmed as the next US defense secretary

Mark Esper confirmed as the next US defense secretary

Trump’s nominee Mark Esper sworn in as new Defense Secretary in a bipartisan 90-8 vote by the US Senate. The confirmation ends a record-long seven months that the Pentagon went without a Senate-confirmed leader ever since former Secretary resigned.

AY-MO 6 months

You have to admire his honesty, he told Congress he would cut all those big-dollar deals and then when he leaves office he would go out and get a job with the military contractor who would pay him the most. Come on in boys the water is fine here in Swampy White House

ICblades 6 months

we have a esper in the defense department

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 6 months

He looks like a carbon copy of Tim Bagley!

Sapper82 6 months

Why has Ron Burgundy shaved his moustache off...?

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 6 months

Let's go US. God Bless America and may China be damned.

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