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Apple’s Court Battle with the makers of Fornite may see changes to the app store

Apple’s Court Battle with the makers of Fornite may see changes to the app store

Should the ongoing battle between Apple and fortnite owners, Epic Games, end in favor of the game maker, iPhone users may see a change in app store policies. Epic Games argues that Apple is using monopolistic tactics by ensuring app developers use its payment processing whenever selling in-app digital items, for which they can claim up to 30% commission, what many say defies antitrust laws.

Frank Raynolds
Frank Raynolds 2 weeks

Apple has had pretty scummy business practices for a long time now. This doesn't surprise me at all.

Viviko 2 weeks

Finally. I’ve been annoyed by this for a long time.

MyNameIsPhip 2 weeks

Why did they use a picture of someone playing Alto's Odyssey...?

Random Bit
Random Bit 1 weeks

Isn’t this a similar but different argument to those who oppose Twitter banning individuals? If Apple sells their product with a limited development base? Isn’t that the same as Sony being told that anyone can develop a game for PlayStation and there is no involvement by Sony? Crap, no one does that? All businesses try to secure their platform for their business. Epic - simple, don’t release an apple version? Or go make your own hardware system to sell your games?

Nicholas 1 weeks


Ethan 1 weeks

B A S E D. Keep goin hard on the paint, Epic!

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