Equifax to pay up to $650 million in data breach settlement

Equifax to pay up to $650 million in data breach settlement

Credit-reporting company Equifax will pay up to a record $650 million to settle US federal and state probes into a massive 2017 data breach of personal information. The settlement for a data breach draws to a close multiple probes into Equifax by the FTC, the CFPB and nearly all state AG’s. Equifax, disclosed in 2017, that a data breach had compromised the information of 143 million Americans.

Larry 6 months

Is that 650 million going to be divided between the 145 million people who were wronged? Or is this just another scheme for the government to collect more money that is not theirs? 145 million peoples data was exposed, They (we) want reparations for that!

Daniel Kimmel
Daniel Kimmel 6 months

Your private information is worth $4.50

Kable tha Kiid
Kable tha Kiid 6 months

I want my cut!

AshLiamBerg 6 months

This is such an insult. $125 is basically nothing.

Justin Coplin
Justin Coplin 6 months

a drop in the bucket for the cost of the breach.

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