Sprint, T-Mobile merger approved

Sprint, T-Mobile merger approved

The merger of the two companies have been approved by the Justice Department. Dish Mobile, however, gains access to T-Mobile’s network extensively until they can build their own. Sprint also sells off various assets to the satellite TV company, so it can become a suitable competitor in the mobile world.

(Arcamean) 1 year

Enough of these damn mergers! The giants keep getting bigger while customer choices keep getting smaller.

Mozgus 1 year

I'm sure this will be GREAT for customers...yeah...

Larry 1 year

Sprint, T-Mobile zero signal where I live. Verizon 1 bar indoors by a window. on a good day 3 bars 4g but not lte. I'm limited to ATT or carriers that use att towers like cricket. Strong 4g lte. and I'm not an att fan at all

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. . 1 year

So bogus.... How is this not considered monopolistic

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